Moss Cleaning

Moss cleaning - Zurich

Moss is a green layer that grows on any surface but since we are covering the topic for concrete cleaning, it also grows on the concrete surface with the help of moisture. It usually grows mostly during the rainy season as heat or hot afternoon weather quickly destroys the moss. 

While moss that grows on wall / roofs is harmful to the health of humans for the most part, the reason being that it increases allergies as well as toxic compounds into the air that we breathe. 

How do we get rid of the moss?

Clean House

Cleaning stone and concrete - Our surface treatment is guaranteed, we clean all the stone and concrete tiles and outdoor features such as facades, walls, terraces, stairs, walkways, etc. are cleaned and made bright again. 

  • We get rid areas of pollution and general organic garden deposits which encourage moss growth. 
  • We use professional solutions which do not require the use of high-pressure hoses, which waste water and can damage the environment.

Moss removal / protection against moss / soil crystallization -

Our Services Include:

  • Basic cleaning and protection of all stone surfaces outdoors. We remove moss, dirt coating, and organic contamination caused by seasonal conditions.
  • We then recommend a surface treatment, which not only prevents the possibility of a slip or fall, but will also protect your surfaces from further contamination. Sealants come with a one-year guarantee.

So what are you waiting for? Want to get your concrete surfaces cleaned from the moss? Contact us now to get our services!