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In Asia, the lotus plant is considered a religious symbol of purity. Perhaps this is because the lotus has a natural cleaning mechanism and even raindrops have almost no contact with the surface. Water droplets roll off the leaves and take dirt, insects, contaminants, water-based adhesives, honey, oil and other substances with them. This natural phenomenon has been researched by scientists and has inspired the development of nano coatings.


Nano coating is suitable for smooth and rough surfaces. With it dirt, fingerprints, bacteria, grease and stains don't have a chance. Absorbent surfaces can be effectively protected against environmental influences by this water repellent coating for a considerable period of time. The nano sealant film is invisible and does not lead to visual impairment so it can also be used on windows and mirrors. The hydrophobic water-vapor permeability from interior to the exterior remains intact, so coated surfaces can breath. Nano-treated surfaces are completely non-toxic. You not only save labor, time and detergent, you also protect the environment.

Concrete Flooring Sealant

Nano concrete flooring sealant is a dirt and scuff-resistant coating material based on nano technology. Nano particles result in a longer life for the treated surfaces. The concrete flooring sealant provides protection against loam and soil, as well as contaminants due to, wet leaves, oil and food, for example.

 Use nano concrete flooring sealan' as an invisible and multi-functional impregnator for all porous surfaces, such as cement, concrete or house facades. After one treatment, an invisible, dirt-resistant and UV-stable coating develops. All porous surfaces can be protected with nano technology.

Use Nano Technology Products to Protect Your Car

  • Always enjoy clear visibility even in bad weather or when it gets dark. In case of rain, and over 60 km/h you rarely need windshield wipers
  • Windshield seal offers an approx. 20,000 km durability guarantee
  • Relax in the knowledge that your paintwork is secure with a complete auto-sealing with a one year durability guarantee.
  • Aluminum wheel sealing offers a multi-year shelf-life warranty

We also Have Nano Tecnology Products For Your Home

Nano sealant is perfect for:
  • Your wintergarden
  • All floors and walls made of wood, stone, concrete, sand stone or PVC
  • Sinks, bathtubs, faucets, mirrors, windows, stainless steel
  • All sanitary goods
Nano products are good for sealing furniture:
  • Antiques
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Chairs and tables
Nano technology products for textiles are particularly good for sealing outdoor clothing:
  • Outdoor clothing (wet-weather gear, umbrellas etc.)
  • Curtains made of cotton, silk, linen, etc.
  • Ski suits
  • Clothing lsuch as tracksuits
  • Shoes and boots