Social Responsibility

3% of our Züriclean revenue is used for social projects. This is our contribution to a better world!

To guarantee the correctness of these statements, we hold the amount collected and the ongoing relief projects up-to-date. The projects are reviewed and monitored by Regina Wittwer. Private donations are gratefully accepted.

Current Projects
Every year on December 24, Züriclean organizes a Christmas dinner for people who are alone and lonely in Zurich. We publish an ad in the newspaper inviting lonely people regardless of age, nationality or persuasion to a Christmas dinner - free of charge of course! We held our 5th Christmas dinner this year!  It's always exciting to meet all the different people, many of whom have already formed lasting friendships because of these special Christmas dinners.

The first Christmas Dinner was held on a very small scale on 24 December 2003 with just five people.  By 2004, there were already 24 guests. The demand kept growing and growing beyond the space and our financial capacities. Therefore, guests who have met and made friends at these events are encouraged, this year to organize such an event between themselves. We hope that thanks to the "snowball effect" that has been created by our dinners, that there will soon be no more lonely people at Christmastime in Zurich.

This year Züriclean will fund and organize our Christmas dinner once again. If you would like to learn more about this project, please feel free to contact us or check back in-between on our News page, where we will keep you informed as to our progress with regular updates.

Project ideas for the future

  • People with disabilities are an important part of society. Therefore, let's hold a free party for people with disabilities. We can provide good entertainment and a great atmosphere. The event will be held each June.
  • Computer school for underprivileged children in Pakistan.
  • Wheelchairs for people with disabilities in Pakistan.

Account for social projects as of 30.11.2014, CHF 1,170.-