Solar Cleaning - Zurich

Solar system cleaning ensures up to 13.8% more power.

Prof. Dr. H. Haeberlin and Ch. Renken of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (CH-3400 Burgdorf) have noted in several studies, significant performance losses of up to 13.8% in tested plants. The dirt strip phenomenon was observed even on solar panels that were placed at an angle of 65°.

The cleaning of solar panels in most cases is not necessary, for instance photovoltaic (PV) panels are self-cleaning, and the typical way of installing PV panels at an angle ensures that any build-up of pollution etc. is  normally removed by the next rain.

However, this does not apply in all regions. Depending on the location of the PV system, e.g. the proximity of industrial areas (industrial waste gases and dust), a railway line (iron fines), antenna masts (exposure to dried bird droppings) and long dry periods (dust, pollen) may cause grime to build up to the point where it develops a dirty plaque-like film over a period of months or years, which in turn causes permanent shade on solar panels. Effected panels yield less electricity.

For efficient energy production, it is important that as much light can penetrate the solar cells as possible. In cases where grime build-up occurs, owners of solar systems are advised to have their photovoltaic system cleaned. However it is essential that care is taken to ensure that solar panels are not scratched by cleaning processes. Apart from harming the solar panels, unqualified cleaners could potentially put their lives at risk by accidentally coming in contact with parts that conduct electrical current, which in combination with water can quickly become dangerous in the hands of untrained cleaners. Those who can afford it should entrust the cleaning of their PV systems to a professional company who specializes in this kind of work.

Züriclean offers affordable, professional solutions, for solar panel cleaning in Zurich, with and without maintenance plans.

Note: Maintenance work on solar systems can be deducted from your taxes. More information on tax deductions regarding the maintenance of your solar panel system can be found (in German) here.