Surface sealing - Zurich

Nano technology - Sealing technology for the 21st century!

Long-lasting protection through a unique and multifunctional surface finish. This is an ultra-thin, invisible, breathable, extremely powerful and effective coating for almost all surfaces. Water and dirt cannot stick.  All surfaces are easy to clean. This saves not only time and money, but it also keeps surfaces 80% cleaner and not having to clean regularly with toxic products protects the environment. Surface sealing systems are available depending on application and requirements. Features:
  • Looks great, surfaces retain their new appearance
  • High resistance to chemicals and water-resistant
  • Water diffusion tightness or openess

  • Shock resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly slip-resistant
  • Electrically conductive
  Impregnation for driveways, patios and other surfaces Impregnation is like a second skin, allowing water to run off for a long period of time. Ideal for use before the winter period as protection against frost and moisture damage or after spring cleaning, as protection against moisture and weather. The impregnation dries clearly. To prevent damage to new surfaces, apply quickly and easily to joints and surfaces before using.
  1. Without impregnation porous tiles, cement joints and concrete surfaces are exposed to the elements
  2. Impregnation is ideal for protection against all frost and weather damage